Lake Hotel Julian


Our 7 and 3 Day Programs provide the perfect opportunity to dive more deeply into discovering your inner wisdom, healing and inner awakening.

Programs for Rest and Inner Peace, Energizing and Inner Awakening and Love and Compassion all provide opportunities to open heart and mind to healing, transformation and awakening.

All our programs include luxurious zen style accommodations with mountain and lake views, spa services, a private wellness session, gourmet plant based meals, non alcoholic beverages and unlimited access to our resort amenities.

Meditation and Yoga​

Guided meditation programs are available in our shrine room; we offer weekly mindfulness meditation classes and monthly retreats, including yoga retreats in Southern California and yoga meditation retreats in Southern California.

You may also retreat at any time, where you can select videos retreats from over1000  recorded classes and retreats led by Michael Gregory, former Monk and Leading Teacher in the field of Buddhism.

Specialized yoga, meditation and wellness packages are also offered to create a unique wellness journey. 

Private yoga classes are offered by wise and compassionate teachers, trained in the traditional yogic practice of Hatha Yoga. These sessions will offer the unique experience or bringing awareness, meditation and yogic movement into union, opening your mind to a radiant and expansive experience.

Restorative Healing

Sleep deeply and easily with our sleep well program. This program is designed to cultivate a sense of relaxation before bed.  Custom sleep temperature, air purification, white noise, blackout curtains, aromatherapy pillows and a sleep hypnosis recording will lead you into a deep relaxing sleep.

Mindfulness Based Hypnotherapy: Cross over into inner wisdom, transformation and healing with a personalized coaching and hypnotherapy session.

Tech Detox, take a break from electronics, our silent check in and electronic free zone, offers you the opportunity to turn off and tune out. Immerse yourself in the natural environment and center your being.

Connect with Nature

Forest Bathing invites you to journey deep into nature, to connect with the five elements and to journal your experience. The retreat center is surrounded by walking trails of astounding natural beauty.

At 5000FT, stargaze from your balcony and connect to the vast galaxy.

Day trip to nearby deserts and hot springs with an organic picnic basket

Enjoy over 600,000 acres of hiking trails.

Enjoy our bird and deer watching on our property in the early mornings.

Challenge yourself and rock climb Stonewall Mountain, which the center overlooks.

The Tara Temple: Wellness and Spa

Bring healing, balance and harmony to body and mind in the Tara Temple, surrounded by sculptures and paintings of Tara.

Awaken body and mind to health and well being with organic, local and sustainably sourced food options for your stay.  Choose from health based options to meet your journey into well being.

Release, relax and let go with wellness curated treatments in our spa room. Detox tired muscles in our infrared sauna and jacuzzi.

Massage and other wellness treatments opens the doorway to deeply relax and open up energetically to healing body and mind.

Specialized yoga, meditation and wellness packages are also offered to create a unique wellness journey.

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